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Solar Power is the future of renewable energy, and NDL is here to help design and install solar at your home or business in Wollongong and the surrounding Illawarra.​When you choose NDL, you know that your solar install is completed by trained and qualified technicians.​


Installing solar panels to power your home using the sun's free power may be more simple, and cheaper than you think! NDL Electrical are solar professionals for over 10 years, experienced in connecting residential installations successfully for many homes across the Illawarra. 


Everyone's needs are different. The generation potential of solar differs from place to place, which is why NDL are here to help. Get in touch to see the cost and estimated benefit of an installation for your home today.


Choosing solar power for your business can deliver significant long-term savings, as well as affirm your commitment to the environment. The way most businesses consume electricity means they are well placed to reap the benefits of solar power. However, every business is different, so each installation requires a thorough pre-assessment and consultation.


NDL designs and installs solar power systems throughout Wollongong and the surrounding Illawarra. Talk to us today about our range of solar solutions including installations, upgrades and solar batteries.

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